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The Journey to Excellence

In Ottawa, Mase Kari started a modest flooring business, driven by a commitment to quality and reliability. His reputation for excellence soon spread, evolving the business to encompass both commercial and residential projects. The arrival of his brother, Yasser, in 2016 marked a new era as they expanded into design-build projects, rapidly gaining acclaim for their outstanding work.

2019 saw the launch of Kari Design-Build, symbolizing a commitment to innovation and transcending the ordinary. The firm quickly grew, taking on unique commercial projects, sophisticated renovations, and custom homebuilding. The Kari brothers built a team of experts dedicated to their ethos of integrity and excellence, ensuring every project exceeded the highest standards.

Today, Kari Design-Build is known for exceptional work and customer service, building relationships and trust within the Ottawa community. The Kari brothers continue to shape Ottawa’s skyline, standing as visionaries in the design-build industry.

the kari advantage

Uniting Vision with Craftsmanship

At Kari Design-Build, we extend beyond the typical boundaries of construction and design to provide you with an unparalleled one-stop solution for all your building aspirations. As a family-run enterprise, our clients’ visions and dreams become a personal commitment, ensuring that every project is not just completed, but is imbued with excellence and the highest quality standards. 

Our seasoned team is the backbone of our operations, offering comprehensive project management that orchestrates every detail from inception to final reveal. This meticulous oversight ensures a journey that is as smooth and seamless as the lines in our architectural drafts. 

The craftsmanship at Kari Design-Build is not left to chance. With our in-house millwork department, quality is a tangible asset we craft by hand, ensuring consistency in every cut and joint. 

At Kari Design-Build, our pursuit of excellence is relentless. We don’t just aim to satisfy; we aim to amaze. Our commitment to perfection drives us to explore innovative solutions and bold designs that make your space uniquely yours. With our extensive experience and a staunch commitment to excellence, you can trust us to not just bring your vision to life, but to elevate it, creating a space that resonates with beauty and functionality for years to cherish. 

Our Promise

Building Dreams Together

Crafting Exceptional Spaces with Heart and Precision

At Kari Design-Build, we go beyond building structures; we craft futures. With a steadfast commitment to innovative design and exceptional construction, we create spaces that surpass expectations. Every project is a unique story, and we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure every detail aligns with their vision. Our journey from concept to completion is driven by creativity, expertise, and attention to detail.

Our approach blends form and function, creating beautiful, practical, and sustainable environments. We’re passionate about our craft and dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service, transforming visions into realities that stand as testaments to superior design and quality.
“Building Dreams Together: Crafting Exceptional Spaces with Heart and Precision” encapsulates our mission. We’re more than contractors; we’re partners in realizing aspirations, committed to crafting spaces of creativity, durability, and timeless elegance.

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