Vida Kiani

Principal Designer/ Design Centre Manager
Meet Vida, our visionary Principal Designer and esteemed multi-award winner!

With her extensive experience and innate creative flair, Vida leads our design team with unwavering passion and dedication. Her expertise spans across diverse residential and commercial projects, where she meticulously crafts spaces that evoke inspiration and awe. Renowned for her impeccable attention to detail and commitment to timeless aesthetics, Vida seamlessly merges functionality with elegance in every design endeavor.

Vida's exceptional talent and unwavering dedication have garnered her numerous accolades, including prestigious NKBA awards, solidifying her reputation as a top-tier designer in the industry. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and innovative approach continue to set new benchmarks in the realm of interior design.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Vida finds joy in a myriad of creative pursuits and leisure activities. Whether expressing herself through painting, embarking on family road trips to explore new horizons, nurturing her garden filled with vibrant blooms, or immersing herself in the vibrant world of art exhibitions, Vida embraces life with boundless enthusiasm and zest.

In essence, Vida epitomizes the perfect blend of artistic brilliance, visionary leadership, and unwavering passion, making her an invaluable asset to our team and a true luminary in the world of design.