Mostafa Kari

General Manager
Meet Mostafa, the dynamic and visionary leader at the helm of our operations as the General Manager.

With his exceptional leadership skills honed through years of experience and his extensive background in sales, Mostafa is the driving force behind our team's remarkable achievements. He possesses a unique ability to inspire and motivate our staff to reach new heights of excellence. Mostafa's expertise lies not only in sales but also in building lasting client relationships, skillfully negotiating contracts, and consistently surpassing sales targets. His strategic approach to business development has resulted in numerous successful partnerships and contributed significantly to our company's growth and success.

Outside of the office, Mostafa leads a balanced life filled with diverse interests and activities. His passion for grilling tantalizing BBQ delights brings him joy, while his enthusiasm for sports, both as a participant and spectator, fuels his competitive spirit. However, his greatest source of happiness lies in spending quality time with his cherished family, creating lasting memories that enrich his life beyond measure.