Ilham Hariss

With a passion for crafting both aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces, Ilham brings a wealth of experience in residential and commercial design, as well as project management. Her keen eye for detail and in-depth understanding of contemporary design trends ensure that each project she undertakes is executed to perfection. Ilham's ability to translate clients' unique visions into reality sets her apart in the industry.

Ilham's collaborative approach and excellent communication skills make the design process a seamless and enjoyable journey for clients. Her dedication to understanding their needs and preferences ensures that every aspect of the design reflects their individual style and personality.

Outside of work, Ilham leads an active lifestyle filled with diverse interests. She finds solace and rejuvenation through yoga practice, explores her culinary talents through cooking, and maintains her physical fitness through running. Additionally, Ilham indulges her artistic side by painting portraits, channeling her creativity into captivating works of art.